Spotlight: Meet CharityRx Rep Tonya Saucer

CRx Community April 17th, 2023

Meet Tonya

Meet CharityRx Rep Tonya Saucer, a smiling, blonde woman with blue eyes and red lipstick

Territory: Gulf Coast Region

Start Date: February 2021

A little about me:

I’ve been married to my husband, Blair, for 29 years. Fun fact: I’ve known him since we were in elementary school together. I’m a mom to a 28-year-old son, Brock, daughter-in-law, Anna, and our 10-year-old daughter, Holin. I’m a “Nona” to our 1-year-old granddaughter, Stevie Naomi.  

We just moved from the Bay of Perdido Key, Florida, to a little town north of Pensacola in the country to start a mini farm. Right now, the farm has chickens and bunnies because, honestly, that’s all I have time for! We are currently working on renovating our home ourselves while living in the full-blown remodel for going on nine months now!

Meet CharityRx Rep Tonya Saucer - A smiling man, woman, young girl and a baby girl stand closely in front of a pink backdrop together
Tonya, with her husband, Blair, daughter, Holin, and granddaughter, Stevie

Besides being a Hope Ambassador and Area Leader with CharityRx, I homeschool Holin. She keeps me pretty busy on her own, with doctor’s visits a-plenty. She’s also an ambassador for the Kids Heart Challenge with American Heart Association and speaks at schools. Holin and I are on the advisory board with Make-A-Wish (MAW), and she puts on a concert every Christmas to raise money for other kids to grant their wishes.

In the past, I was a Director with Mary Kay cosmetics for 12 years while also working in the radiology field for USA Medical Center and College in Mobile, Alabama. I took retirement very early, at age 37, when Holin was born with many congenital disabilities. Her main issue was being born with a single ventricle heart and five other heart defects that required immediate open heart surgery at one day old. She’s had a rough yet amazing life with many challenges in her short ten years.

How did you get started?

In June 2018, I met Eric, our CEO. Holin was put on the MAW list when she was just four years old after undergoing her fourth open heart surgery, having a pacemaker implanted, and experiencing a new type of deadly seizure from a stroke. Eric was volunteering for MAW, and we were the family he worked with to help facilitate Holin’s wish! We hit it off and became friends; I mean, who doesn’t or wouldn’t love Eric? Three years later, Holin was more “out of the woods,” and I jumped at the chance to become part of this incredible company, help build the Gulf Coast and surrounding areas, and help so many people afford their medications, all while helping our amazing charities! I’m thankful to God in heaven that He aligned our paths to cross!


My biggest roadblocks are life challenges I’m thrown into many times and the lack of enough hours in the day! There are never enough hours! The other challenge I learned many years ago was overcoming objections; objections can paralyze you, so you must learn to overcome those.


I learned a long time ago the best way to battle roadblocks and obstacles is to remain DEDICATED, stay focused, learn to schedule by having a plan, and remain disciplined to that, but be flexible to pivot and reset when needed.

What do you enjoy most about working for CharityRx?

Knowing that I can help thousands of people each month to save on medications while also donating to charities is a blessing! I also love being able to do this job with Holin or around her schedule. Spending that time with her, teaching her about giving back to charities, watching her get excited about who we will be helping each month, and watching her work ethic mature while always pitching in to help me prep for visits is an honor.

I’m thankful we make our own schedules, but I am also very aware that this is my full-time job; although I don’t feel I have a “job,” I think this is an opportunity I’m proud to be a part of. I love being an Area Leader where I can work with other reps who are getting their territories up and going and having the relationships I do with many reps across the U.S. and our fantastic leadership team! I am a relationship person and love having those solid relationships with so many of you!

Meet CharityRx Rep Tonya Saucer - A black CharityRx Beacon of Hope award plaque, with silver metallic text and design, highlights Tonya Saucer for the 2021 Outstanding Leadership Award
Tonya won a Beacon of Hope award in 2021 for Outstanding Leadership.

Some of my favorite things I’ve been able to do is be a part of the charities we support! From working with the Leadership team to stock the homeless teen shelter in Las Vegas, delivering backpacks to foster kids, and a check to pay school lunch debt, to purchasing items at Christmas for our local Ronald McDonald House, being involved makes my heart so happy. I’m even more thankful I get to do that with Holin!

Meet CharityRx Rep Tonya Saucer 
 - Photo collage at left: a large group of smiling people wearing matching CharityRx Give Hope t-shirts standing inside a small store; at right: three women stand together inside the  library at Saraland Middle School. One woman is holding a check, one a flyer, Tonya and Holin stand on the end
Left: The CharityRx Leadership team helped to stock shop for homeless students at Project 150 in Las Vegas in 2022. Right: Tonya and Holin delivered a check to Saraland Middle School to help pay students’ school lunch debt.

What’s your best advice for reps?

  • Stay engaged in the company! Get on the weekly calls, read the Telegram thread, and go to RepHub several times each week to see the free marketing materials!
  • Listen to your VPs and Area Leaders, as well as reach out to other reps in the company. 
  • Dedicate the time you committed to doing this business, and the reward will come.

“We are doing far more than giving a discount on a prescription for someone. We’re bringing HOPE to someone, and once we focus on the HOPE, our success will follow.”

Tonya Saucer

What’s the key to your success?

The key to my success is staying engaged, dedicated, loyal, and passionate about what we’re doing as a company and always following through with what I say I’ll do.

Meet CharityRx Rep Tonya Saucer  - Bar graph showing Tonya's growth over time from March 2021 to March 2023

To get more insider tips from our Amazing Area Leader, send a message directly to Tonya on Telegram!

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