Spotlight: Meet CharityRx Rep Steve Lee

CRx Community December 19th, 2023

Meet CharityRx Rep, Steve Lee

Territory: Houston, TX

Start Date: June 2023

A little about me:

Korean American with 30 + years of sales and marketing background. I am someone who is used to being “99%” in everything I do. For example, I had 99% in SAT math when I was a student. When I worked for Weichert Realtors, I was in the top 10 out of 2,000+ realtors, and with BMW, I was in the top 50 of 5,000+ sales reps. For the last few years, I have been studying Spanish on an App called “Duolingo,” and according to them, I am at 99.9%. (Sorry if it sounds like I am showing off, but it’s true.) When I do something, I do it until I am one of the best. With the slow growth rate of my donation count for the last few months, I really don’t feel I am anywhere near where I want/need to be. I told Eric once that my ultimate goal is to reach 1,000 scripts in a single day, and I will keep trying until my God tells me otherwise.

I’m in my 50s now, and I have been in sales and marketing for pretty much my entire life. In my twenties, I was already making a six-figure income as a realtor, and during my 30s, for a couple of years, I actually earned and reported a seven-figure income. Unfortunately, I mismanaged that fund, as any young, foolish man will. But I have no regrets, as I got to live like a celebrity for a couple of years.

Steve with his wife, Olivia.

How did you get started?

My latest employment before CharityRx was with Geico Insurance. Once again, I performed very well, becoming one of the country’s top producers, so much so that I was awarded the Geico agency ownership in Houston, Texas. Long story short, I got embezzled by my financial partner, and the Geico agency never materialized. I had depleted all my savings during that time, and I needed to find a job immediately. I had applied to several jobs online, and CharityRx was one of the few companies that responded immediately.

The biggest reason why I chose CharityRx was first, I can do this job probably until I’m into my ’70s, and because I’ve heard about a rep who is very successful (Michael S.), who was making well into six figures after about a year and a half employment with the company. Some might say it’s arrogance, but I like to think it’s confidence; I naturally thought that I could do even better and make well into six figures after a year or two with the company. During my first few months, my growth rate was excellent well–over 100% each month–but my last few months have been anything but. However, I’m still grateful for this opportunity, and I strongly believe that it was God who led me to this job.


Honestly, I don’t think I am successful yet.


Always think positively and believe in the outcome in the long run.

“Little strokes fell great oaks.”

Benjamin Franklin

What do you enjoy most about working for CharityRx?

Freedom to choose when and where I will be working.

What’s your best advice for reps?

  1. Be prepared for very little to no income for the first six months.
  2. Always be positive.
  3. Be diligent and efficient.

What’s the key to your success?

I welcome challenges and obstacles. Being positive and never giving up.

To get more insider tips from our Rockstar Rep, send a message directly to Steve on Telegram!

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