Spotlight: Meet Patty Engel

CRx Community June 24th, 2022

Meet Patty

Territory: Southern California and Ohio

Start Date: 06/2020

A little about me: I’ve spent most of my life in sales, from cosmetics to media to medical devices. My other side career was as a fitness instructor and trainer for about 20 years. The common denominator in both was motivation. Fun fact – I used to be a competitive bodybuilder and blonde!

Patty in her bodybuilding days

How did you get started? I was working at Nielsen with Ray Rios in 2020 when, like many other businesses, they started making changes due to Covid. We were told that our entire department would be laid off nationwide. I appreciated the company giving us lots of time to plan our next move. Ray had recently started with CharityRx in the Northern California territory and was raving about this new opportunity. I had a lot going on at the time, so it was a slow start, but eventually, I committed, and the rest is history. This was the best decision I’ve ever made, and I can’t imagine doing anything else. 

Left to Right: Actor, Tim Conway, Patty, Actor, Bob Newhart
Patty with a signed set list from Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

What do you enjoy most about working for CharityRx? I feel a little like Mel Gibson when I say, “Freedom!” – but it’s true. Once I complete my work for the month, I’m done! I no longer trade time for money as with traditional jobs. I have to travel to most parts of my territory, so I maximize my time away from home. I have a few nice AirBnBs I stay at when I drive south. I don’t do back and forth; I’ll stay for a week straight. It’s worth it because I can start earlier and end later, getting more visits in. Then I come home and relax and I have lots of time to spend with my fur-baby and plan the following month. Unlike most, I have part of my territory 2,000 miles away, so I fly there, stay the week and fly back. I own the house I stay in, so staying there is “free” for me. That is my typical month.

2021 was personally challenging. I lost my brother, my kitty, and then my mother. I honestly do not know how I would have managed to take care of all the things I needed to do had it not been for CharityRx. I was given carte-blanche to take as much time as necessary to take care of personal affairs. Me being “me,” I took the time I needed but still found time to take care of business as much as possible.

Though things were challenging personally, they only got better professionally. My income continued to climb and I hit the Moonshot Bonus in August! The only way I could do all that is because I planned accordingly and worked extremely hard in the beginning. The support I received from everyone in the company has been amazing. I’ve never worked with so many talented, supportive, and wonderful people. CharityRx is more than a company. It truly is a family.

“Those at the top of the mountain didn’t fall there.”

Do what you need to do to get to the top.

Patty’s Motivational Quote
Patty and Matt Willingham on New Year’s Eve

What’s your best advice for other reps? Believe in the cause. When you look at the numbers, understand that behind each script is a real person you’ve helped. Each script represents a patient who saved money. The more scripts coming in, the more good we can do with the various charities we support. If you approach your clients with a pure heart, they will believe in what you are saying. If you don’t believe it, it will show. Aside from that, stay focused on your goals: plan, stay organized, invest in your business, and believe in yourself.  

To get more insider tips from our Rockstar Rep, send a message directly to Patty on Telegram!

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