Spotlight: Meet Lacey Saxon

CRx Community December 22nd, 2022

Meet Lacey

Territory: Florida – Orlando, Daytona, Ocala, Lakeland

Start Date: 03/2021

A little about me:

I live on the East Coast of Florida and have a 16-year-old daughter. We have two dogs, two cats, a gerbil, a hamster, and two chickens. The dogs and cats are adopted—one as recently as two weeks ago. If anyone had asked me six years ago if I ever would have had animals, I would have told you that was an insane idea. Now, look at us! I love our dogs. Anyone want the chickens?? (Haha!)

Lacey enjoying a meal with her daughter and friend.

How did you get started?

I was referred by a friend.


In my experience, any roadblocks are created in my own mind. The roadblocks aren’t real, only perceived. Don’t we all have the good angel on one shoulder that knows we are capable like any other human being on the planet? Then there is the self-doubting angel on the other shoulder who comes up with the thousand reasons why something won’t work vs. the one reason why it will, the angel who tries to convince us we aren’t capable or it won’t work out for us, so why bother trying? You know the one. If I listened to that angel, I might try to convince myself I can’t do this job for reasons like the gas costs too much; will I make enough money one script at a time; can I really support my family doing this; I’m not as good as everyone else; is it possible for me to quit my second job and dare go all in; do I need to spend more to make more and how do I do that?


When my mind wanders like this, I reel it back into reality by looking at the facts and disregarding the emotions surrounding it. Emotions aren’t facts, and they are temporary. I can overcome the obstacles mentioned above in this way: 

  • My vehicle and fuel are my investment in my business. 
  • I did fund this with a second job, but really, it was very part-time–only 10 hours a week. 
  • Yes, I can make enough money one script at a time because other reps are doing it, so I can too. When I initially wasn’t sure if it was possible, I took advantage of the Salesforce reports and looked at my stores, routes, and the 80/20 rule. (Again, get the facts–don’t let the mind come up with assumptions.) 
  • Yes, I can support my family doing this work. I had to remind myself that time takes time and not to quit before the miracles happen. Where else can I give myself an instant raise? It’s an instant raise every time my scripts go up. 
  • I just needed to remind myself that there would always be someone better at this job than me and someone else who was not as good as me. It’s okay to be middle of the road. I had to remind myself not to compare and just keep doing what I needed to do to get where I want to go. 

Regarding my doubts about quitting my second job, I’ve learned that I need to let go and trust that it will all work out if I am open and willing to do the work. 

When I am fearful of spending money, I remind myself of what Eric said, “It’s going to cost either way.” If I don’t spend, it’s going to cost me. If I spend, it will cost me, but I gain so much more. And I learn to let go to get more. (Seems to be a recurring theme here.)

Lacey, with some of the girls from the orphanage CharityRx reps visited during the 2021 Mission Trip in the Dominican Republic.

What do you enjoy most about working for CharityRx?

Do I have to pick one favorite? 

  1. I don’t have a 9 to 5 job, which gives me the flexibility to support my family.
  2. Other reps who are willing to share their experiences
  3. Our mapping software!! 
  4. That we do have territories
  5. That we have a fantastic marketing department
  6. That our annual trips are mission-based

What’s your best advice for reps?

Act as if ______. Ask yourself if you acted as if you were already successful; what would you be doing? 

  1. Visiting your stores–so go and do exactly that.
  2. Getting connected with other reps who are farther along the path than you. Life is never lived alone–life is teamwork.
  3. Finding the one reason it will work for you because your actions reflect your beliefs. Get the facts.

Accept reality for what it is.

Be grateful for every moment.

Condition your consciousness daily.

hal Elrod

What’s the key to your success?

My key to success is remembering that nothing replaces action. It is up to me to put the time and effort into getting the success I want. I always find I am only in fear of something not working out when I am not taking action to get there. I never feel fearful while I am in the middle of taking the steps necessary to reach my goals.

To get more insider tips from our Rockstar Rep, send a message directly to Lacey on Telegram!

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