Spotlight: Meet CharityRx Executive VP John McKiernan

CRx Community May 25th, 2023

Meet John

Title: Executive Vice President of Sales

Start Date: October 2020

A little about me:

I have been in our Industry for over 12 years. I helped build a company prior to CharityRx, and that is where I met our CEO Eric and our VP of Sales, Dustin, along with a handful of current reps here at CharityRx.

I have been dating my better half, Becky, for going on 12 years. We live in Albany, Oregon, and I have three daughters: Katie, who works in the medical field, Jessica, who has her Ph.D. in music; and April, who has been a nurse for the past three years. Becky also has a daughter, Lindsey, who has her Ph.D. and is a scientist at Oregon State University.

John with his girlfriend, Becky

How did you get started?

Eric and I were with another company, and after nine years and for various reasons, I wasn’t having fun and decided it was time to move on. I told Eric about my decision, and I flew to Las Vegas, where Eric told me that for the past six months, he and our president, Andy Taber, had been putting together a company. He asked me if I wanted to help them build it, and I said, “LET’S BUILD AN EMPIRE!” What we have accomplished in less than 3-1/2 years is pretty gratifying.


When I started, we were paid 50¢ a donation, and, just like everyone who has been in this business, I needed to work a TON and didn’t make much money. One of the beauties of our business is we make money while we sleep.


I didn’t listen to people who didn’t understand the compounding effect of a business like ours. I just kept my nose to the grindstone and never thought about the money. All I thought about was helping enough people. If I helped enough people, I would reach my desired result.

Left to Right: Becky, John, Carolyn, Dustin, Matt, Patty, Lauren, Javier

What do you enjoy most about working for CharityRx?

  1. Working with the leadership of CharityRx – the best in the industry.
  2. Watching reps build this into a business, knowing it will give them both money and time.
  3. Knowing we are just getting started and what our future will look like.

What’s your best advice for reps?

  • Treat this job like a regular full-time job, knowing you’ll have to fire yourself if you don’t show up. Making a schedule and showing up to work is a better solution.
  • Get back to visiting your pharmacies as you did in the beginning, on different days and shifts. If you never go to your stores after 5:00 pm, you will never meet the person who works the night shift, and more than likely will not get any donations.
  • Do not become complacent. Always prepare your cards with tape and candy bags with multiple cards in the bag before leaving for the day. Always take the tape off the cards when you hand them to the technicians. Always have marketing material with you for meeting a new tech as well as someone you already have a relationship with. When you meet a new tech, do your best to do a follow-up visit four or five days after the initial visit to make your initial visit more meaningful.

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals.”

Henry Ford

What’s the key to your success?

  • The sales team we are building is the BEST in the Industry, hands down.
  • Our leadership team is a well-oiled machine where we are all on the same page, and there are no egos.

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