Meet Charity the K9 Crusader

Meet Charity the K9 Crusader. Image of a sitting young yellow lab. Her collar says "Charity". Four logos are arranged at the bottom-left of the image: CharityRx, Jordan Detection, Kentucky Office of the Attorney General, and Operation Underground Railroad.

The Unseen Heroes in the Fight Against Child Trafficking: CharityRx’s Pioneering Canine

In the high-stakes world of combatting human trafficking, every innovative advancement represents another weapon in the fight to protect the world’s most vulnerable. Enter CharityRx, aiding the charge against child exploitation with a remarkable addition to the work of anti-trafficking organizations. Their latest endeavor, involving Charity, the K9 Crusader, a specialized canine trained to detect electronic storage devices (ESDs), sets a new standard for organizations committed to the rescue and rehabilitation of trafficked children.

Image of electronic storage devices, a laptop, external hard drives, thumb drives, and memory cards.
Examples of electronic storage devices (ESD)

Championing the Vulnerable Through the Power of Medication, Compassion, and Detection

CharityRx’s August 2023 initiative, in partnership with Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) and Jordan Detection, epitomizes a multi-faceted approach to championing the protection of at-risk youth. By leveraging a network of support and statistics that underscore the dire need for intervention, they showcase the potency of collective effort. Each individual is armed with their own unique contribution.

The campaign of last August highlighted the depth of CharityRx’s strategy. Donations raised through prescriptions filled using the CharityRx prescription discount card underscore the tangible impact one can have in the grander scheme of social change. The procurement and training of Charity, the K9 Crusader, signifies an innovation at the crossroads of forensic science and eradicating child exploitation. The strategy is simultaneously compassionate and technologically advanced.

Image of Charity the K9 Crusader, a young yellow lab, sitting in front of a black flag with yellow Operation Underground Railroad logo.
Charity, K9 Crusader sits in front of the O.U.R. flag.

Unveiling Charity, the K9 Crusader, Her Training, and Role in the Field

Charity, the K9 Crusader, represents an intersection of humanity and advanced training. Acquired and trained by Jordan Detection, Charity’s purpose is to assist law enforcement, particularly in cases related to child exploitation. Her acute sense of smell is not confined to the traditional substances detected by her kind. Instead, she’s been rigorously taught to identify the scent of ESDs—repositories of evidence in the detestable business of child trafficking.

Image: Two middle-aged men wearing shirts with Jordan Detection logos stand on either side of a young blonde detective. In her left hand, she holds the leash of a young yellow lab, standing alertly. In her right hand, she holds one side of a certificate with the man on her left.
Members of Jordan Detection with Charity and her handler, Shelby.

Charity’s deployment to the Kentucky Attorney General’s Office with her handler, Shelby, is the result of this inspiring partnership. Together, they embody the collective expertise and skill required to strike swiftly against trafficking networks. Their mission, though harrowing, is imbued with the hope that each ESD found will lead to the rescue of a child.

Image: A young woman detective holds the leash of Charity, the K9 Crusader and points to the doorknob of a wooden door.
Image: A young woman detective holds the leash of Charity, the K9 Crusader and points to a light switch in a residential room.
Image: A young woman detective holds the leash of Charity, the K9 Crusader and points to the lower molding in a residential room.

Shelby and Charity trained together to optimize their efficiency in finding ESDs in the field.

Members of the CharityRx team traveled to Charity’s graduation ceremony and loved the experience:

John M.

I want to share with you how special our experience with Charity was. Amanda L. and I were walking to the ceremony when a gentleman walked up to us and said, “Are you guys with Charity?” I said yes, and he said, “I’m Rich, and my colleague and I came here from the office of the Attorney General of Kentucky just to thank you guys.” It was a 3-hour plus drive from their office to the event. He said if we hadn’t sponsored Charity, they wouldn’t have a detection dog because the state wouldn’t pay for it. Then, he gave both Amanda and me a special coin (see images below). If you read his bio, he started out in the Secret Service and has over 30 years of experience. It’s pretty impressive that he came out just to meet us. Thank you, Andy Taber, for connecting us to O.U.R.!

Image of a coin with logo design from the Office of the Kentucky Attorney General
Image of a coin with shield design from the Office of the Kentucky Attorney General
Image of a middle-aged man wearing a CharityRx hat and jacket kneeling next to Charity the K9 Crusader and her handler, Shelby.
John, Charity, and handler, Shelby

Amanda L.

I’m so proud to say I work for a company that promotes and sponsors goodness in this world. Charity is an amazing dog. She blows me away because of her incredible focus, drive, and abilities! She and her handler, Shelby, are going to have a huge impact on so many. It’s crazy to think that just this one event will save so many lives and be ongoing for many years. I’m eager to hear about their successes in the future.

Matthew N.

It was such an honor for me and my wife, Kassie, to attend! I wish everyone could have been there. It was life-changing! I love this job!

Image of a man wearing a CharityRx hat and jacket kneeling next to his wife, Charity the K9 Crusader and her handler, Shelby.
Matthew, Kassie, Charity, and handler, Shelby

Eric B.

Charity, the K9 Crusader, and Shelby make an incredible team!

Image of a man wearing a CharityRx hat and t-shirt kneeling next to his wife, Charity, K9 Crusader and her handler, Shelby.
Eric, Ashlie, Charity, and handler, Shelby

Patty E.

As a company, we sponsor hundreds of charities. Some have more meaning to some than others. I’ve found that personal involvement brings a new level of understanding and brings the charity to life. This is true whether you are doing something as small as helping a neighbor with a chore, cleaning up a beach, or attending an event like this one. 

Meeting Charity was extraordinary. Everyone loves dogs, but knowing what she and the other dogs are trained to do and how many lives they will save adds a layer of emotion, respect, and gratitude that is hard to measure. The only way to describe it would be to experience it personally. 

Watching Charity and the other dogs go through their exercises to locate hidden electronic devices was fascinating. They can find things that most trained police officers and TSA machines often miss, such as a tiny computer chip cleverly disguised to look like a coin. 

Patty, Charity, and handler, Shelby

As the CharityRx team, we all received many unsolicited compliments about how good Charity is in her training. They have trained quite a number of dogs, and each one has its own personality and style. They say Charity is different and are excited to see her in action. If I heard correctly, the Police Commissioner there to watch the graduation already had her first assignment ready to go. He had just secured a warrant to search a home. I feel like a proud Mama!

The Broader Healthcare Ecosystem’s Involvement in Combatting Trafficking

The involvement and support of pharmacy networks and health professionals in CharityRx’s mission cannot be overstated. Health—the very essence of life—is harnessed to fight the grievous loss of innocence and liberty.

Pharmacies’ role in acting as platforms for raising funds is a testament to the industry’s broadening perspective on societal responsibility. Their participation signifies a unified stance that transcends their role in dispensing medicines. It speaks to a moral compass that guides their decisions and their commitment to leveraging their services for the greater good. It demonstrates that the healthcare industry, at its core, is an ecosystem of concerted efforts, humanitarian by design.

Image of three very dirty and barefoot children, sitting in the dirt, holding their hands up for donations.

Redirecting the Conversation and Actions Around Child Protection

The narrative of child protection is often dominated by the inescapable gravity of issues such as trafficking. However, within the somber grandeur of such a topic, there is room for optimism. There’s a new dialogue emerging, one that’s rooted in taking action and navigating through innovative solutions.

CharityRx’s groundbreaking work with O.U.R. is just one manifestation of this direction, a beacon that draws attention to the potential of creative responses to age-old problems. It is an invitation for individuals, communities, and institutions to rethink their capacities and roles in safeguarding children. It challenges the norm of “The problem is too big for just me to solve” and redirects it to “What unique contribution can I make?”

The Data: A Call to Obligatory Action

The calling card of CharityRx’s work is not just their commitment or the ingenuity of their initiatives but the undeniable necessity reflected in the data. Statistics underscore the urgency for swift and preventive action. The stark numbers on child exploitation and trafficking are unyielding reminders of the perpetual threat children face.

The number of ESDs—and by logical extension, the content within them that violates the sanctity of childhood—is growing at an alarming rate. The data cast a shadow of urgency over the need for sophisticated detection methods, like Charity, the K9 Crusader. It implores action as an obligatory duty to rectify the profound injustice inflicted upon innocent lives.

Every prescription = a donation to a charity!

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A Blueprint for Future Philanthropy and Social Responsibility

CharityRx’s blueprint is a testament to the evolving nature of philanthropy and social responsibility. It’s a narrative that’s as much about the ambition of addressing deep-seated social issues as it is about the creativity of the solution. It exemplifies a strategic approach where technology, human capacity, and community action converge to create sustainable change.

In its wake, other organizations and individuals can draw inspiration to innovate within their realms. The model challenges the status quo by promoting a hands-on, contextually suitable response to a global issue. It is a testament to the fact that with vision, commitment, and resolute action, any problem—no matter how abhorrent—can be combated, one innovative step at a time.

Looking Beyond the Achievement to Foster Collaboration

Finally, CharityRx’s campaign serves as a stirring confirmation of the power of collaboration. It transcends institutional egos and turf wars to underscore the potential of uniting resources behind a shared cause. The partnership with law enforcement, training agencies, and pharmacy networks illustrates what can be achieved when different entities work towards a collective vision.

The success of this campaign is not just about the funds raised or the dog trained. It is about the lives that will be touched and saved, the templates it creates for effective social action, and the galvanization of a broader community around an imperative cause. It’s a nudge towards thinking bigger, acting bolder, and channeling our collective might to tackle the most nefarious challenges of our time.

CharityRx’s campaign with O.U.R. encapsulates the essence of progressive philanthropy—it is a story that not only must be told but also must be seen as an invitation to all to play their part in creating a better, safer world for the most precious among us. The fight against child trafficking and exploitation is ongoing, but with each innovative stride, we move closer to a world where every child’s innocence and potential are safeguarded.

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