Is Losartan A Beta Blocker? Answers And More

Drugs March 3rd, 2023

Once someone has been diagnosed with hypertension, they will be given medication to reduce their blood pressure. Although it depends on the doctor and their findings, the patient may be prescribed Losartan which is an effective angiotensin II receptor blocker. It is helpful for the treatment of hypertension because it stops a substance that causes the blood vessels to narrow and tighten.

Nevertheless, patients should seriously consider their options before accepting this medication because it isn’t suitable for everyone. More about Losartan, its uses, and its possible side effects will be provided below.

What Is Losartan?

Is Losartan A Beta Blocker

Before getting into the specifics, patients should learn more about Losartan and its uses. As specified above, Losartan is an ARB meaning it is an angiotensin II receptor blocker. It is primarily given to patients with hypertension or high blood pressure. It helps by stopping a substance that causes the blood vessels to restrict and tighten. It is also effective for shielding the kidneys from damage caused by diabetes.

Losartan can be used alone, but it is sometimes combined with other medications to deal with high blood pressure. Since it lowers blood pressure, it can also help stave off strokes, kidney issues, and heart attacks. It will relax the blood vessels so blood can flow throughout the body easier.

The medication is safe and effective, but patients should talk to their doctors to find out more about Losartan before using it.

Does Losartan Increase Potassium?

Although the medication is known as Losartan Potassium, it is common for people to call it Losartan. As a result, this medication is going to increase the amount of potassium in the blood. When someone uses Losartan, it is vital to avoid consuming other substances that could increase potassium levels. For instance, they should not take salt substitutes containing potassium, supplements with potassium, or drugs with potassium.

Otherwise, the patient may experience hyperkalemia. This condition can cause serious symptoms such as shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, chest pain, and heart palpitations. Does Losartan increase Potassium? It does so it should not be combined with other substances that increase potassium.

Does Losartan Cause Hyperkalemia?

When used safely, this medication shouldn’t cause hyperkalemia. However, there is a risk that it will if precautions are not taken. Patients must understand that this medication is going to increase potassium levels. After all, Losartan Potassium contains potassium. Patients should never mix this drug with other medications or supplements that increase potassium levels.

Talk to a licensed doctor to learn how to use this medication safely.

Is Losartan HCTZ The Same As Losartan Potassium?

In some cases, the patient will be required to use Losartan and another medication to deal with hypertension. It is common for Losartan to be combined with HCTZ or hydrochlorothiazide. This combination medication is regularly used because it comes with two top choices for lowering blood pressure levels. Suffice to say, Losartan Potassium is not the same as Losartan HCTZ.

The difference is that the latter also contains hydrochlorothiazide. This could make the medication more effective for certain patients. These medications work differently. For instance, Losartan helps relax the blood vessels while lowering blood pressure levels. Hydrochlorothiazide is a diuretic or a water pill.

It decreases the amount of water in the patient’s body by making them urinate more frequently. As a result, it can also lower blood pressure levels. Using the medications together may be wise for some patients.

Why Is There A Shortage Of Losartan Potassium?

In the last few years, the medical community experienced a shortage of Losartan Potassium. Unfortunately, this made it difficult for patients to refill their medications. This happened when the FDA discovered that some ARB drugs had nitrosamine impurities. These medications were recalled because they did not meet the safety standards set by the FDA.

More recently, three groups voluntarily recalled their Losartan products due to azido impurity levels. Patients should always call their local pharmacies before visiting. Doing so is the best way to ensure that Losartan is available. Otherwise, they may waste their time driving to the pharmacy.

What Does Losartan 100 MG Look Like?

It shouldn’t be too difficult to identify 100 mg tablets of Losartan since they have a unique appearance. Nevertheless, it is always best to avoid mixing medications. Losartan should be kept in a bottle by itself. The 100mg tablets are usually white or off-white. They have beveled edges and a round shape. Some will have an S printed on one surface and 113 on the opposite side.

Some manufacturers make green Losartan pills. Patients should familiarize themselves with these medications so they can avoid taking something else.

Can You Overdose On Losartan?

Patients may overdose on a variety of medications including Losartan. It is essential to never disobey the doctor’s orders because doing so will increase the risk that an overdose will occur. Taking too much Losartan will cause the patient to experience a handful of side effects, including heart palpitations, tiredness, and dizziness. In severe cases, the patient may experience fatal consequences.

Again, listen to the doctor and follow their instructions to avoid problems.

Does Losartan Lose Effectiveness Over Time?

It is safe to take Losartan for long periods. After taking a dose, it is common for the medication’s effects to peak after one to two hours. The half-life is roughly two hours while the metabolites’ half-life can be up to nine hours. After approximately four hours, it is believed that 75% of the medication will be eliminated. After 10 hours, more than 96% of the medication will be eliminated from the body.

It is best to continue working with a licensed doctor. If the effects of Losartan decrease over time, the doctor can identify this issue and help the patient switch to another medication.

How Long Does It Take Losartan To Start Working?

When reading Losartan 25 mg reviews, patients will find that the medication works quickly. Usually, the user will experience changes within an hour. However, they may not experience the full effects for many weeks. Although it will depend on the circumstances, some patients won’t receive the full benefits for up to six weeks. Others may benefit in three weeks or sooner.

How quickly does Losartan lower BP? It can usually lower the patient’s blood pressure in an hour. It may not provide long-term results until it has been used for several weeks. Again, patients must follow their doctor’s instructions and use Losartan as prescribed. Doing so is the only way to receive the full benefits of this medication.

Using Losartan Safely

Once someone has been prescribed Losartan, their doctor will tell them how to use this medication safely and effectively. Otherwise, the pharmacist can provide advice for taking this medication. Although Losartan is available in liquid form, it is not prescribed regularly. Instead, most patients will receive Losartan tablets that must be taken orally. Losartan pills can be taken with or without food.

Most patients will take one pill per day, but some can take Losartan twice a day to get the required dose. Patients have to be diligent about using Losartan to ensure that they’re going to get the full benefits. To avoid missing a dose, it is best to take it around the same time every day. Patients should continue taking Losartan even if they feel better.

Possible side effects include lightheadedness, dizziness, tiredness, and nausea. Speak to a medical professional when encountering any of these issues. It may be essential to stop using Losartan and switch to a suitable alternative.

Losar 50 Mg Side Effects

Is Losartan A Beta Blocker

Common side effects of Losartan 50 milligram side effects include hypotension (lower-than-normal blood pressure levels), weakness, dizziness, alterations in renal function, tiredness, orthostatic hypotension – a condition in which blood pressure lowers during positional changes – hyperkalemia, anemia, tar-colored stool, tingling sensation, confusion, drowsiness, and weakness in upper extremities.

Other less common side effects include back pain, dyspepsia (constant nausea), diarrhea, and heart rate irregularities.

Losartan Nursing Considerations

Nurses should routinely check their Losartan patients’ blood pressure and plasma potassium levels. A higher-than-normal plasma potassium level is a condition known as hyperkalemia. Nurses should carefully monitor patients for signs – fatigue, bradycardia (slow pulse), paralysis, and numbness – of hyperkalemia.

Digoxin serum concentration must also be monitored carefully. A blood test to check Digoxin levels must be ordered routinely. Concentrations greater than 1.2 ng/ml increase potassium in the bloodstream and puts patients at risk of fatal arrhythmias.

What Blood Pressure Medication Works Well With Losartan

Losartan is more often prescribed along with hydrochlorothiazide than any other antihypertensive medicine. Patients who have been diagnosed with hypertension and an enlarged heart can benefit greatly from combination treatment.

Hydrochlorothiazide, a prescription thiazide diuretic, works by increasing urine flow to rid the body of water. Without Hydrochlorothiazide, Losartan would ineffective in balancing the amount of water in the body.


Losartan is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration “FDA” to treat hypertension. The medical goal is to minimize the patient’s risk of developing blood vessel damage that will lead to a stroke, renal failure, or heart attack. Losartan works by relaxing the blood vessels, resulting in lower blood pressure levels.

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