CharityRx LIFTs School Lunch Debt in U.S. Schools

Charity Of The Month, CharityRx News February 5th, 2023

CharityRx cares about the kids in our communities. When we learned that one in five children has school lunch debt and the U.S. government ended funding to the School Lunch Program after the Covid-19 pandemic ended, we had to get involved. 

CharityRx is a prescription discount card company dedicated to making medication more affordable for Americans. Each time a prescription is filled at the pharmacy using the CharityRx card, a donation is made to our Charity of the Month. In January, the Charity of the Month was LIFT School Lunch Debt. Our reps had the opportunity to choose a school or district in their community to raise funds for and help pay down the school’s lunch debt for students. Here are some experiences they wanted to share about delivering the check they earned to the school they chose.

CharityRx cares about kids school lunch debt. David Beckley wearing a purple CharityRx hoodie standing next to administrator at James Island Elementary School who is holding a check.
David (right) delivered his donation check to James Island Elementary.

David Beckley, South Carolina

“I presented a check today to James Island Elementary in Charleston, South Carolina, to Lift School Lunch Debt! Their mascot is the Beacons–how cool is that? Many people have thanked CharityRx and me personally and through social media. It felt great to be able to do that and help families with this gift. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity! Everyone has been so grateful!”

Lacey Saxon, Florida

“Thanks to CharityRx, I got to give a check to Satellite High School today.”

Joe Maxon, New York

“Victor School District is the school district I researched to confirm the need. We have helped many families with this donation, and it’s possible we even saved a life.”

Javier Carrasco, Texas

“I visited one of my Walgreens accounts today, and this particular Walgreens is next door to the Grand Prairie Independent School District home office. They were delighted to know that they helped reduce the school lunch debt for those kids.”

CharityRx cares about kids school lunch debt. Two men standing side by side, holding a donation check between them.
Javier (right) delivered his donation check to Grand Prairie Independent School District.

Derick Mauck, North Carolina

“BH Tharrington Primary School is the school my middle child attends, and I also knew there is a good amount of school lunch debt here. I thought it was a great charity idea and enjoyed getting to help a local school!”

Heidi Bales, Missouri

“I chose Van Horn High School close to my home because I know the people in my neighborhood are struggling. I chose a high school because I know how hard it is to keep high schoolers fed. It was amazing to be able to raise funds to help my local community.”

CharityRx cares about kids school lunch debt. A woman holding a check stands next to a man and small child wearing CharityRx hats.
Matt (center) delivered his donation check to Iron County School District with his young son.

Matt Noel, Utah

“I was so honored to donate to the Iron County School District for our LIFT School Lunch Debt program. They were so kind and were very happy about the donation.”

Tonya Saucer, Florida

“My friend is a school counselor at this school. There are only a few schools in this particular school district, and all the other surrounding schools are on lunch grants for free lunch for all, but her school is not. It felt great to deliver a check to Saraland Middle School! They were so excited and appreciative of the support.  It was also great to tell the local pharmacy techs how they helped make this happen!”

CharityRx cares about kids school lunch debt. Three women stand shoulder to shoulder with a young girl. The first woman is holding a check, the second, a flyer, and the third is wearing CharityRx shirt and hat.
Tonya (second from right) delivered her donation check to Saraland Middle School with her young daughter.

Paul Mancuso, New York

“The schools in the Littleton School District are not in the greatest areas. I think it’s an excellent charity, and no child should go hungry.”

CharityRx cares about kids school lunch debt. A young boy smiling and sitting at a school lunch table with a tray of food in front of him.
CharityRx cares about kids school lunch debt. A smiling young woman from Socorro School District in Texas is holding an envelope with a donation.
Heidi delivered her donation check to Socorro Independent School District.

Crystal Chavez, Texas

“The Socorro Independent School District has over $63,000 in school lunch debt alone. I am so glad we could do the school lunch debt fund because there’s so much need in our communities.”

Caleb Lester, Oklahoma

“I grew up here and still know so many members of the community. It’s extremely rewarding to help the community that you live in. The head of nutrition for all P-T schools told me the donation would best be used at the Perkins-Tryon Elementary School. This may be my favorite charity we’ve done so far.”

CharityRx cares about kids school lunch debt. A man and a woman stand side by side against a wall under letters that say Perkins Elementary. The woman is holding a check and a flyer.
Caleb (left) delivered his donation check to Perkins-Tryon Elementary School.

We are so thrilled that our reps love to help their communities as much as we do. To get involved, use your CharityRx prescription discount card whenever you visit your pharmacy. In addition to saving up to 80% on your medicines, each prescription you fill will make a difference to our Charity of the Month. We also cover diabetic supplies and insulin. Click here to search for your medications and see how much you’ll save with the CharityRx card.

CharityRx cares about kids school lunch debt. LIFT School Lunch Debt logo.


  • Call your local school and find out how to make a donation.
  • Find a charitable organization online like No Kid Hungry or All for Lunch
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