2021 Founder’s Day: Open Door Mission

Founder's Day, Service & Volunteer Work September 18th, 2021
Painted on the side of the Open Door Mission is painted “Restoring Hope, Changing Lives.”
CharityRx rep, Joe Maxon, with a team member from the Open Door Mission.

For CharityRx Founder’s Day, Joe Maxon purchased, sorted, and packed 24 bags and delivered them to Open Door Mission.

I put together survival items in bags for the homeless and sheltered, including bottled water, snacks, sardines, Vienna sausages, hygiene kit, hand wipes, candy, pens, and paper.

The contents of the survival bags Joe made.

I really want to share about my day of service, but only for the reason to inspire. My day of service was a tribute to some very special people. I lived in Las Vegas for about 7 years and along the way, I met this guy, Minesh, who was a friend of a friend. One Friday, he asked me if I wanted to go with him on Saturday morning to do a chore. I said, “Sure, but what chore?” 

“…every small gesture matters. Even just a simple prayer for those in need helps. Give Hope through words, action, and prayer.”

Joe Maxon

He explained that his parents were both homeless and living on the streets in India and many people helped them along the way. Well, his parents were able to work their way up to where they could move to the USA and went to NYC. They started a business and a family, but always took the time to help the homeless.

His father worked very hard and became a great success – a multi-millionaire – but always helped the poor. Minesh went out every Saturday with dozens of bags of goodies and bottled water to pass out to Las Vegas’ homeless. He was well known, and they all called him “Mr. Bum.” He did it to carry on his families compassion. I went with him for countless Saturdays and I’ll never forget how grateful people were to receive the smallest of help. 

When Alana asked, “Why can’t we do this every day?” – it’s a challenging question, but know that every small gesture matters. Even just a simple prayer for those in need helps. Give Hope through words, action, and prayer.

To learn more about the Open Door Mission, click here.

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