2021 Founder’s Day: Marine Staff Sergeant Hoover, Fallen Soldier

Founder's Day, Service & Volunteer Work September 18th, 2021
Janae and Angela during setup before the service
CharityRx team members assembling baskets of items to give to attendees of the memorial service

CharityRx reps David Gingrass and Andrew McLay, along with leadership team Eric Beaumont, Janae Beaumont, Angela McLay, and their families volunteered to help at a memorial service that was held for Marine Staff Sergeant Darin Taylor Hoover, a soldier killed on August 26th in a suicide bombing at the Kabul, Afghanistan Airport. They put up flags, purchased, and passed out tissue packs, and cleaned up after the service.

Janae Beaumont said, “We collected items and made up baskets of tissues, bookmarks, and bracelets that were handed out at the service. We were able to attend the service, and then when the service was over, we assisted in taking down and putting away 600 flags that were displayed during the memorial.” 

Andrew McLay, Angela McLay, Luke Beaumont, CharityRx CEO, Eric Beaumont, Janae Beaumont, David Gingrass and Heather Socash

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