CharityRx Works to Raise Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine

Charity Of The Month March 28th, 2022
Ukraine War: New figures showed over 3 million people have fled Ukraine. Nearly half of them are children. Photo courtesy NDTV.

With every day that passes and the Ukraine War continues, the need for assistance grows. 

“On average, every day over the last 20 days in Ukraine, more than 70,000 children have become refugees,” James Elder, spokesman for the UN children’s agency UNICEF, told reporters in Geneva.

That amounts to around 55 every minute, “so almost one per second,” he said, stressing that “this crisis in terms of speed and scale is unprecedented since World War II.”

Elder warned that “like all children driven from their homes by war and conflicts, Ukrainian children arriving in those border countries are at significant risk of family separation, of violence, of sexual exploitation and trafficking.”*  

Throughout March and April 2022, CharityRx will partner with Operation Underground Railroad, a nonprofit that works tirelessly to fight human trafficking, an increasingly common crime against humanity, across the globe. It is a dark macrocosm that extends beyond sexual and forced labor crimes, and humanitarian crises around the world leave far too many people defenseless and exposed to predators. The Ukrainian refugee crisis created by the Russian invasion is the most recent opening for these crimes to be perpetuated.

Little girl with an adult hand covering her mouth and the words "One Second = One Child" in the colors of the Ukrainian flag

Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) works with authorities in enforcement and rescue efforts in 28 countries and 48 states in the U.S. As human trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery, their name was inspired by the Underground Railroad; the network of people who helped escaped enslaved people by creating secret tunnels and safe houses in the U.S. from the late 18th century until the Civil War.  Many O.U.R. members have either military or intelligence backgrounds.

“…this crisis in terms of speed and scale is unprecedented since World War II.”

James Elder, spokesman for the UN children’s agency UNICEF

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We ask that every person and pharmacy tech use the CharityRx discount card as often as possible to help O.U.R. make a difference in Ukraine. 



Provide Basic Necessities for
At-Risk Children
in Ukraine

Build a
Safe Home for
At-Risk Children from Ukraine

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Report Human Trafficking

  • National Human Trafficking Hotline: (888) 373-7888
  • SMS: 233733 (Text “HELP” or “INFO”)
  • Hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • Languages: English, Spanish and 200 more languages
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